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Image by Thijs Slootjes

​You are working on yourself.

I am here to help.


Hello! I'm Elias.

I'm a certified Transformational Coach in love

with the process and rewards of self-exploration.

I sit with clients who seek to transcend

their current selves in search of a fuller life.

I believe we all hold inside us the answers to

our happiness, but as life twists and turns,

we lose connection to ourselves

and don't know how to get it back.

That's where I come in.

I specialize in guiding people on the road back to themselves.

Find out who you are when you let go of your conditioning,

attachments, addictions, and self-limiting beliefs.

Find out who you are when you're free to be yourself.

From the first session I felt like I was with someone who has my back, but also someone who knows how to ask powerful questions to go deeper. He has a gentle but firm way of making sure you aren’t skipping over anything you may have passively said which can allow you to pinpoint areas that need your attention. He creates a non-judgmental and authentic experience for you to face what you are feeling, feel what you are feeling, explore what you are feeling and if appropriate find solutions for those feelings. He acts as a support and confidant for you to go deeper in a compassionate and gentle way so you can heal the unhealed and see the unseen.
I’ve loved working with Elias!

Meghan Mann


If you've made it here, I'm confident I can offer you some value in your journey.

Please feel free to reach out to book a session, or with any questions you might have about my services or any related subjects.

+1 (514) 475-0685

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